Sciatica NYC

How to Find Successful Treatment for Sciatica in NYC:

While Sciatica isn’t a restorative issue in and of itself, it is a condition that is often associated with extreme bouts of pain and certainly warrants an accurate diagnosis and accompanying treatment. Manifestations incorporate numbness, burning, weakness, a tightened scope of movement and pain in the leg, hip, and on occasion, the foot. The vast majority encounter sciatica on only one side of the body, however there are uncommon situations when both sides of the body are affected; when this is the case, a patient may find they are unable to find relief whether sitting down, reclining or walking around.

Pain from Sciatica is due to an excess of pressure being applied on the sciatic nerve, which can result from an injury, but is not limited to nerves having been damaged. Sciatica is typically thought of as a condition that older people suffer from, however it is not limited to any one age bracket; in fact pregnant women sometimes deal with Sciatica. NYC treatment center CliniCube is committed to helping patients who are suffering with Sciatica find relief from on-going pain. It starts with an assessment, a thorough diagnosis and a treatment plan at CliniCube. To book your consultation, visit the Book Appointment section of the CliniCube website or get connected by filling out the online form.

Early diagnosis is crucial in developing a treatment plan that will not only address the problem in the here-and-now, but to avoid the condition returning in later years. At CliniCube, experts can assess your condition through an assortment of tests including MRI’s, X-Rays, or blood work. With the right diagnosis and treatment, patients can find relief from Sciatica pain, nerve damage can be mitigated and restoration of movement can be accomplished. Feel free to contact the professional staff from CliniCube to discuss your condition. You’ll find the facility to be warm and welcoming of new patients and happy to address your questions and concerns.

The course of treatment decided upon by CliniCube will be determined by the severity of nerve damage that has occurred, and any accompanying medical condition that is causing the Sciatica. In serious cases, more aggressive treatment will be required to achieve positive results for the patient. The vast majority of cases don’t require surgery, however, and can be treated with non-surgical chiropractic treatments that demonstrate their effectiveness through proven past results. Patients at CliniCube who are undergoing Sciatica treatments typically experience relief from pain and attain a greater range of motion, along with regaining their strength.

The staff at CliniCube is highly skilled to treat Sciatica and mobility issues with treatment designed to address every facet of the patient’s condition. Techniques incorporate Spinal Decompression Therapy, Super Pulsed Laser Therapy, Active Therapeutic Movements (ATM2), Physical Therapy, and Medical Massage. You can find out more on the CliniCube website just by visiting the ‘Conditions’ and ‘ Services’ sections. Let CliniCube treat your Sciatica in NYC with positive results- you’ll be glad you did!

Sciatica NYC