Herniated Disc NYC

How Physicians Handle Problems Relating To Herniated Disc In NYC

Herniated disc is often being described and associated with so many terms such as “bulging disc,” “pinched nerve,” and “spinal disc pathology” which are interchangeably used differently in several cases. Due to the failure of most healthcare professionals to give in on a specific definition of any of these terms, frustration may set in when patients hear how their diagnosis is referred to in different terms.

In fact, more confusion can even be experienced as a result of the uncommonly wide range of terms used to describe problems associated with the herniated disc such as a torn disc, ruptured disc, disc protrusion, collapsed disc, black disc, slipped disc and disc disease, as the case may be.

It is important for those seeking treatment for herniated disc in NYC to acquire a clear understanding of the precise medical diagnosis instead of caring about the term that is being used to describe their disc problem. The actual cause of the patient’s leg pain, back pain, and other symptoms are identified through a medical diagnosis. Also, the cause of the pain can be determined by medical professions through a combination of certain medical procedures.

What herniated disc all about

Herniated Disc is a spinal disc condition that can occur in the lumbar (lower), thoracic (upper) or cervical (neck) spine. However, it tends to be more evident in the lower back due to its role in bearing the most force or torque on a daily basis. Although test results for spinal disc problems are important, they are, however, not so necessarily determining the actual cause of the pain as the doctor’s physical exam results and the patient’s specific symptoms. Bear in mind that herniated disc refers to radiographic findings displayed on an MRI scan or a CT scan.

When one of the rubbery discs (cushions) located between the vertebrae (individual bones) that add up to make the spine gets a problem, a herniated disc can occur. Just like a jelly donut with a tender center bordered by a tougher exterior, a spinal disc can slip or become ruptured or herniated when some of the softer “jelly” tends to obtrude through a crack from the tougher exterior.

How to treat herniated disc

When a herniated disc problem occurs, nerves located around the area can be irritated which can result in pain, weakness or numbness in the arm or leg. However, there have been cases whereby no symptoms are experienced from a herniated disk. In order to effectively correct this problem, there is the need seek a professional treatment for herniated disc in NYC. Surgery is not always the final solution as most people with a herniated disk do not require it.

It is needful to seek medical attention if there is a neck or back pain that goes down to the arm or leg or even accompanied by weakness, tingling or numbness. First and foremost, a physician specialized on herniated disc in NYC will demand a review of your medical history before taking any action. They will conduct a thorough physical exam and then carry out one or more diagnostic tests if need be.


Herniated Disc NYC