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herniated-bulged-disc-new-yorkThe nerves of the spinal cord are protected by bones, which are stacked on top of each other called vertebrae. In between the vertebrae are discs, which keep the spine nimble and serve as shock absorbers. When the disc moves or becomes cracked, it is known as a herniated or ruptured disc.

The Drs. at CLINICUBE can reestablish your range of motion and decrease inflammation to allow healing without surgery through adjustments to your spine. Such a low force technique, which gently manipulates the spine at the injury location, is performed over a series of sessions.

Increased spinal function will alleviate pain removing the dependency on pain medication. The Drs. will also outline an exercise and stretching regimen to strengthen and stabilize core muscles to further protect your back from future injuries.

Stop Putting Up With Herniated Disc Pain And Start Experiencing Relief With Decompression Therapy

The Center has helped thousands of patients who suffer from bulged, ruptured and herniated disc. Many of these people weren’t helped by any other treatments. But thanks to our holistic approach to wellness and health (which includes cutting edge technology and highly-skilled hands-on methods), we have been able to help them get on the road to wellness and recovery.

The problem with bulged, ruptured and herniated disc and the reason it doesn’t respond to typical/traditional treatment is because it is often a bio-mechanical  issue that require a biomechanics solution.

Fortunately, with spinal decompression we have been able to treat these ailments that have stubbornly resisted typical forms of therapy.

Get Relief For Your Herniated Disc In New York

Would you like to find out more about our spinal decompression therapy program or would you like to come to our office? Either way, we are here for you.

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