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Like most, when they have acknowledged a need for treatment, they begin searching for the Best Chiropractors in NYC. While on your search for Chiropractors in NYC you most likely came across Dr. Noam Sadovnik, or, The Center for Chiropractic & PT as they’re consistently found to be one of the Top Rated Chiropractors NYC has to offer. As you may already have gathered from your search efforts Chiropractors in New York City abound. Dr. Noam Sadovnik and the team at The Center have been providing Chiropractic in New York for over a decade. All of our practitioners are fully boarded and licensed Chiropractors in New York State.
Dr. Noam Sadovnik

The Center for Chiropractic & PT

1201 Broadway Suite 1003

New York NY 10001-5405

(646) 770-0916
Chiropractor, Physical Therapy Clinic, Sports Massage Therapy