chiropractor nyc reviewsLike most, when they have acknowledged a need for treatment, they begin searching for the Best Chiropractors in NYC. While on your search for Chiropractors in NYC you most likely came across Dr. Noam Sadovnik, or, CLINICUBE for Chiropractic & PT as they’re consistently found to be one of the Top Rated Chiropractors NYC has to offer. As you may already have gathered from your search efforts Chiropractors in New York City abound. Dr. Noam Sadovnik and the team at CLINICUBE have been providing Chiropractic in New York for over a decade. All of our practitioners are fully boarded and licensed Chiropractors in New York State.
Dr. Noam Sadovnik


39 W 29TH ST. FL. 11


(646) 770-0916
Sports Medicine, Chiropractor, Physical Therapy Clinic, Sports Massage Therapy
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by Milan Milanović on CLINICUBE
What a relief!

My job requires me to stand 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. After 6 years I've developed severe back problems and was considering a surgery. Luckily my co-worker told me about The Center, and I'm so glad he did because it's by far the best thing that happened to me. After a few months my back started feeling better, and they have isolated the root cause of my problems which ended up being my knee.

Dr. Sadovnik and Dr. Fries are extremely knowledgeable and helpful and are willing to go above and beyond to help their patience and ultimately improve the quality of life. The entire team is an absolute joy and I'd recommend them to everyone!!!

by Kathleen on CLINICUBE
So excited that I found The Center

I have been going to Chiropractors for 30 years but have never had such relief as I have had with Dr Fries. She spends so much time with me and uses techniques that help my body and muscles relax before the adjustment. She has helped reduce my migraines by releasing the tension in my neck. I like to push myself with my workouts and with Dr Fries I have less injuries and pain. The office is lovely and has great energy. Everyone there is helpful, authentic and positive...

by Alix Langone on CLINICUBE
Dr. Sadovnik and his team are the best!

Dr. Sadovnik and his team are the best! I highly recommend them. Before I came to CLINICUBE I was suffering from debilitating neck pain. Dr. Sadovnik worked with me to figure out the root of my problems and ensure that my pain wouldn't come back long term. I had seen other chiropractors before, but no one was able to help me as much as Dr. Sadovnik. I love coming to the center because I know I am in good hands. They are experienced professionals who always listen to my concerns. The whole team is great and I would recommend them to everyone!

by Marine Lormant on CLINICUBE
I have been coming to see Noam Sadovnik and Phil Gomez every week for almost 2 months

I have been coming to see Noam Sadovnik and Phil Gomez every week for almost 2 months at this point. I initially came because I had several back pains and a bad posture. Today I can say that I feel major improvements. Most of my back pains are gone and my posture has drastically changed. Thank you ! The service is great, the center is very confortable, the location is easy access. I highly recommend it!

by Kathleen Cole on CLINICUBE
Dr. Fries is an amazing Chiropractor

Dr. Fries is an amazing Chiropractor, and knows where things are bothering me before I do. For those that are new to seeing a chiropractor, Dr. Fries will give you adjustments at your own pace, and move forward with what you are comfortable with. I always feel so much better and like a new person after I am done with my appointment. This is a doctor that really cares about her patients.

by Marc Eisenshtat on CLINICUBE
I thought I'd take some time to let the world know how I feel about Dr. Sadovnik and his staff

I thought I'd take some time to let the world know how I feel about Dr. Sadovnik and his staff at The Center. When I was 17 years old I fractured three vertebrae in my lower back in a wrestling accident in High School. My injuries didn't heal properly because I was a know it all adolescent that did not follow the doctor's orders. As a young adult I tried everything to remedy the pain, but to no avail. I met Dr. Sadovnik about 10 years ago and he started treating me for the pain. It took some time, but I was getting something from him that I have never gotten before. He seemed to really care about my progress. For a long time I use drugs to numb the pain, which he did not support. In time, he helped me get off the drugs by gently educating me on my condition and assuring me, that if I followed his direction the pain would subside without surgery. It's been five years since I needed any pain medication and I now travel 50 miles to be treated by him since we moved to Smithtown, Long Island. Not all chiropractors are created equal. Thanks again Dr. Sadovnik!

by Severin Stadtmann on CLINICUBE
I went to see Dr. Sadovnik because of pain and recurring instability in my upper and lower back

I went to see Dr. Sadovnik because of pain and recurring instability in my upper and lower back, probably caused by surgery I had on my shoulder a year ago. I had hardly been able to do any sports or work out, which is an important part of my lilfe.After about two or three months of treatment (laser, decompression, specific exercises) the pain is gone, my back is stable and above all I made major progress in my physical fitness, lifting double the whight of what I did before the treatment. Today I am not only able to do any sport I want without being concerned about having pain, I increased or even doubled my performance in it.Thanks so much!!