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All About Patellar Tendonitis

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Knee Pain: The knee is one of the most vital tendon systems of our body. For athletes, especially those engaged in team sports, the health and well-being of their knee is so important. Their careers are dependent on how long their knees stay injury-free. In sports, like volleyball and basketball which involve a lot of […]

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The Clinicube NYC

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Clinicube From the heart of the city arises a new healthcare facility that will restore, remediate, and improve your quality of life, with the help of our professionally dynamic  team. We are dedicated to rehabilitating, alleviating pain and healing impairments in a cost-efficient way. The Clinicube makes reinventing your body worry-free, pleasurable, and meaningful. Chiropractic […]

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Benefits of Redcord therapy NOMAD, Manhattan NY

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New Yorkers, we live in one of the most exciting cities on Earth, but how can we enjoy our time here if we’re suffering from chronic back pain? Missing time off work, and being unable to run, dance or even walk in the park, are common downsides of this widespread problem. No matter what your […]

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Pushups with Redcord Suspension for Back Pain

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If you suffer from low back pain and are looking for safe, effective ways to manage your symptoms, suspension training is a therapy you may want to explore. Specifically, recent studies have shown that performing pushups while supported by a sling can reduce chronic low back pain in adults. How does redcord suspension therapy work? […]

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Who Can Benefit from Redcord Suspension Training

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Redcord suspension training is different from the other versions that are offered. It can greatly benefit those in need of a more targeted, muscle group specific training routine that is easily customizable once a particular sequence becomes too comfortable for the participant. Developed in Norway in 1991, Redcord suspension training concentrates on building idyllic muscular alignment and […]

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