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Cervical disc disease: Treatment options in NYC

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Most people experience a painful neck from time to time and usually the symptoms and stiffness will start to dissipate, especially if the symptoms have been caused through sleeping awkwardly, poor posture or as a result of a minor injury. However, neck pain is often caused through a degenerative disorder, like cervical disc disease, typically […]

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What Makes Medical Massage Different from Other Types of Massage?

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Whether you have sore muscles, are recovering from an injury, or suffer from a medical condition, massage may be a treatment for you. Massage therapy falls into two basic categories which include medical massage and wellness massage. Medical and wellness massages differ in their goals, techniques, certifications, and conditions they treat. Wellness Massages Relax the […]

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Holistic & Chiropractic Therapy for Sports Injuries

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When you suffer a sports injury, traditional medicine focuses on treating just the injured tissues. While treating injured tissues is important, taking a more holistic approach to healing can help ensure the body recovers as quickly and effectively as possible. Chiropractic care, in particular, is very useful for treating sports injuries. Chiropractic Care Focuses on […]

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Pushups with Redcord Suspension for Back Pain

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If you suffer from low back pain and are looking for safe, effective ways to manage your symptoms, suspension training is a therapy you may want to explore. Specifically, recent studies have shown that performing pushups while supported by a sling can reduce chronic low back pain in adults. How does redcord suspension therapy work? […]

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