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New York, NY: Hip Pain and the Lower Back….are they connected?

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Solutions for Hip and Low Back Pain, New York NY By Dr. Richard Mak PT Ever had hip pain that occurred without any trauma? Do you experience hip discomfort when sitting for a long time? Does your hip still feel weak and painful even after performing exercises to strengthen the hip muscles? Do you experience […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Herniated Disc Treatment In New York

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There are several different types of disc problems that people can develop as the result of jarring, impact events, unhealthy lifestyles and even excess body fat. These include disc extrusion, disc protrusion and sequestered discs. Learning more about each of these conditions and their underlying causes is the first step in identifying the best herniated disc treatment in New York.

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Cervical disc disease: Treatment options in NYC

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Most people experience a painful neck from time to time and usually the symptoms and stiffness will start to dissipate, especially if the symptoms have been caused through sleeping awkwardly, poor posture or as a result of a minor injury. However, neck pain is often caused through a degenerative disorder, like cervical disc disease, typically […]

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Slipped disc and spinal disc problems

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Spinal disc problems can be debilitating and extremely painful, causing back and neck pain, weakness, numbing and tingling. They can be caused by a number of things, but the main cause is a slipped disc. Slipped disc The spinal chord is made up of 24 individual vertebrae bones, which are built on top of each […]

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Herniated Disc NYC; An Overview Of Herniated Disk And How It’s Treated

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A disc herniation is also called extrusion, protrusion, rupture, or prolapse. This is a painful spinal condition that occurs when the center of the disc escapes through wear and tear. Once this happens, the annulus fibrosus compresses on the lumbar nerve root. If you suffer from herniated disk, you may feel a tingling, electric-like pain in your lower limb or sciatica.

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