Back Pain, Sciatica, And A Visit To The Chiropractor

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We all feel a little backache now and then, one that, with a few stretches goes away but not all the time. Back pain can be caused by a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it’s poor posture, a slipped disc, an impinged nerve, or something even more serious. One cause of back pain is sciatica. The […]

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How to Find a Physical Therapist that Works for You

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Many victims of surgery and accidents seek the services of physical therapists to assist them through the rehabilitation process. Therapists help patients to gain strength and recover quickly. A professional can assist you either at home or at a clinic or facility. Before hiring a physiotherapist, you need to perform research about several professionals who […]

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Prehab To Avoid Rehab

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New York, NY: Hip Pain and the Lower Back….are they connected?

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Solutions for Hip and Low Back Pain, New York NY By Dr. Richard Mak PT Ever had hip pain that occurred without any trauma? Do you experience hip discomfort when sitting for a long time? Does your hip still feel weak and painful even after performing exercises to strengthen the hip muscles? Do you experience […]

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Running Form Analysis In NYC

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Running Form Analysis Clinic in NYC If you run regularly, I highly recommend having a professional running gait analysis performed. Having someone with expertise give you personalized tips can really help you to prevent injuries by improving the mechanics of your running form.   After running in a local 5K, I was entered in a […]

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